New Zealand, renowned for its natural beauty with rolling hills and valleys draped in beautiful rainforests, elegant vineyards on top of mountains with breathtaking views of the ocean and glorious lakes and river, this country is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world. New Zealand has something to offer everyone; whether you are a sports fanatic, an extremist, a wildlife wonderer or a city lover, New Zealand is sure to win you over. New Zealand is famous for its water sports so whether you jet ski, water ski, heli ski or wave run, you will feel right at home in the beautiful waters that surround the country.

New Zealand has an impressive and very traditional Maori culture that stems back for hundreds of years and is a country that recognises and celebrates its indigenous peoples, which can be witnessed just by walking down the beautiful streets. Around 2 million people visit New Zealand every year to be wined and dined by this breathtaking country and experience its unique, but very urban and chic culture. Sports culture is a huge part of local lives, with Rugby undoubtedly being the national sport of choice.

Whether your skiing in the mountain, hiking though the rainforest, sailing the waters, or walking the historic streets, New Zealand will show you the time of your life!

Population: 4.2 Million

Capital: Wellington

Largest City: Auckland

Currency: New Zealand Dollar [NZD]

International Airports: Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Queenstown.

tourist destinations: Queenstown, Rotorua, Coromandel, Nelson, Napier, Invercargill and Christchurch.


Auckland is home to the World's first harbour bridge bungy jump, operated by the Auckland Bridge Bungy. This state of the art personal challenge is located one pier directly under the bridge at Pier 2 where jumpers leap over the Waitemata Harbour.

The Auckland Art Gallery was built in 1888 and houses a collection of more then 14,000 works including portraits of Maori and early New Zealand landscapes alongside contemporary New Zealand art. Collection works are on show on the ground floor while New Zealand and international artists are showcased on the second floor.

The enclave of Gothic Revival buildings in Christchurch has been transformed into the excellent Arts Centre, where visitors can come to enjoy the beautiful arts and craft outlets as well as theatres, restaurants and caf├ęs. Free guided tours of the complex are available daily from 9.30-5.

Extra Information: Departure Tax of $25 when leaving New Zealand.